Parkour is defined as the ability to move efficiently through an environment. This incorporates all kinds of movement: quick bursts of sprinting across a busy plaza; slow, steady climbing across a building face; careful balancing on an unsteady tree crossing a river; one big leap across a gap. We train to adapt on-the-fly to any situation. Our training prepares us for passing through as many environments in many cases as possible, quickly if necessary. It's also a lot of fun and freeing.

If you're interested in training, you're welcome to come, we meet 5:30-6PM T/Th at various places on the UGA campus. Check our Facebook page on the day you would like to train to find out where it will be. Student or non-student, young or old, male or female, if you enjoy moving with your own body a lot more than with motors, if you're curious about what's off the beaten paths and enjoy the adventure of discovering new places, if you enjoy challenging your mind and body for new feats, if you have the self-discipline to build yourself a strong body, and especially if all your life you've simply enjoyed being outside and moving in some way that's fun, this may be a good group for you.

If you'd like to try, come on out. Wear comfortable clothing and bring energy, and you'll do fine. Anybody of any skill is welcome, as long as you're giving a good effort and not spending most of the time standing still and talking. This group is a movement group, not a sitting and talking group. We're out to MOVE, having fun using the campus as our playground and gym, and to help ourselves and each other improve.

Training in public requires maturity and responsibility, because it does attract attention, comments, heckling, getting kicked out, among other things. We respect our environments and do not damage things. If somebody asks you to leave, especially rudely or unfairly, leave. We're lucky to have Athens to train in with the level of liberty given to us by the police, so express respect toward them, don't damage things, don't tresspass, leave if asked, stay off of roofs (this tends to upset people), and overall be respectful of others around you as you train.

For more information, check out our Facebook page or contact Jimmy Hansen.

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